Across the Sea to Sky

Across the Sea to Sky

Written by DMT

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Good tidings to you all.

  • I’ll be interested to see how your school differs from the one I went to.

    • DMT

      Unfortunately, I don’t have pictures from the orientation sessions, but I will probably post some document and location pics. I also have some pics from the opening ceremony, so those will be going up at some point if I don’t do a whole post on that.

  • Wow. Sounds even more tiring than my flight!!! 😀 I switched over in Newark, NJ though, and I just have to say, orange women are so rude! And they’re everywhere in that airport./
    /I decided to still go to Tokyo despite all the goings-on and I love the place so much that I’m already ready to go back! XD/
    /Please keep updating the blog! I love reading it, although my trip is over!

  • Ekulke

    Can’t wait to hear about your first impressions of the school and city..

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