Gimme a Status Report, NOW!

Written by DMT

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Hey people, DMT here again.
/I’ve been talking with Jimmy a bit lately, and I’ve [independently] decided that I’m going to treat Mondays as Homework due dates.

  • I certainly hope real homework deadlines are going better than this! 😛 LOL!/
    /Joking aside, E3 was a freaking let down aside the Wii U. Xbox needs to stop thinking Kinect is the next big thing, I hate Kinect and it’s stupid spelling. 😛 And Sony got boo’d when they announced that AT&T would be the network that would support their stupid new handheld with a stupid name’s internet. How funny! I could rant and rave all day about E3 sucking hardcore this year. LOL!/
    /It’s really sad that the best part of Xbox’s E3 press conference was the Tomb Raider trailer. 😛

    • What, you didn’t like Mass Effect 3? Or Halo 4?

      • I guess that with all the suck, I forgot about the good stuff. 😛 You know how that happens. I’m not into Mass Effect, but my husband is WAY hyped about it. I’m not into Halo either. :P/
        /All the functions the Kinect does certainly COULD be used with the headset, but that doesn’t sell Kinects. ;D

    • DMT

      I honestly found the Tomb Raider trailer a bit lacking, and seriously drawing upon player’s willing suspension of disbelief.

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